If you are a fan of mushrooms, celebrate! These nutritious little fungi have several significant advantages to our health, including lowering your chance of diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. And now, there appears to be yet another benefit to eating mushrooms. Latest search shows they may help save the brain from degenerative conditions such as dementia.

A 2013 study found that regular use of certain kinds of mushroom coffees could be linked with brain changes that decrease the danger of developing dementia. After analyzing ten different types of mushrooms, the experts determined that they promoted the increased creation of nerve growth factor in the brain. This increased nerve stimulation contributes to the increase of neurons in the grey matter, a vital element in our capability to retain and retrieve memories.

What types of mushrooms were most potent? Unfortunately, not the types that many of us include on our pizza. Several, including Reishi and Lions Mane were shown to create better functioning brains.

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Brain-Boosting Coffee Mushrooms

The list of brain-boosting coffee mushrooms from the study are T. fuciformis Berk, G. frondosa, G. lucidum, H. erinaceus and T. albuminosus. Many of these varieties are found in Asian food markets and speciality grocery stores.


Generally known as Reishi, these versatile mushrooms are usually used in tea. You can soak the dried mushrooms overnight, then remove them from water and strain it. Warm the mushroom-enhanced water for taste coffee. Another choice of use is grilling reishi after soaking them overnight.


Cordyceps is a popular ingredient in certain Chinese therapeutic soups. Generally containing ginger and chicken as well, these soups are touted for their capability to make stronger the immune system and cleanse the liver, blood, and kidneys.


Also called as hen of the woods, this species of mushroom has an uncommonly delicate texture that appeals even to those who do not find most mushrooms attractive. It is tasty sliced into big pieces and either grilled or sautéed.

D. indusiata

Purported to be an aphrodisiac for ladies, this type of mushroom is a good source of fibre and protein. It has traditional uses in Chinese medicine and is a general ingredient in stir-fry soups and dishes.


Another mushroom famous in China for both culinary and medical objectives, T-fuciformis is generally used in soups with either apples, beans and figs.


Another meaty-favoured coffee mushroom, T-albuminosus can be used without cooking. Whether eaten raw or cooked, it has a crunchy texture and can be steamed, grilled, boiled, or added to a soup.


Also called as the oyster mushroom, this is one of the most general varieties on this list. Pleurotus is used in different Asian cuisines as a stand-alone dish or in soups and stir-fry meals.